Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Day of the Disgrace

Hello Guys! Well as you would see in this video, this was
the day of the infamy. Thanks to collaboration to Efrain
you will see what happen with me and my
poor and little friends ... Enjoy it!

Here you have




Well, as you have noticed I've made some
changes to my Blog. The first thing was to change the aspect of the design. I
just wanted

something more related to my Taxonomy as a
person.. Well the second thing was to add a real hit counter. It looks that
everyone at

class did put one, but it's NOT A REAL
COUNTER. First, because the other counters count the REFRESHES and that doesn't

that you have a new visitor. SO check out
that guys. The second thing is that you can have my thoughts in your email...

See you


Sunday, May 23, 2004

Now on or Now!!!Where does
output comes?

once told me that there is a point in your life where all efforts could lead you
to a final target. And sometimes during this path you find many good experiences
that probably take you over. The final challenge in every human being is to get
what you finally believe at one point. This means that the output comes from now
not from now on... Think it!!



Tuesday, May 11, 2004

for Spanish Guys!!!

Since I've been living in Spain
during this time, I've noticed some daily and good expressions. Let me introduce

to the translation:

1. Me cago en la leche (I shit
the milk). Si lo piensas es un poco asqueroso! If you think it's a little bit

2. Me cago en su puta (I shit the
bitch). Pobre la puta! Que culpa tiene la puta del otro! Poor the bitch. She
doesn't have any fault at the end.

3. Me cago en Dios (I shit God).
Que fuerte noooo! It's a little bit strong!!

4. Es cojonudo (Related with the
men's balls!!!) When something it's good!! and Cool! Cuando es algo bueno, jejej.

5. Es un coñazo. (Related with
women's part!!)) When something it's boring!! Que machismo!!!

6. Es la polla (Related with
men's dick!!) Again there's a lot of malehood.

7. Es la leche (It's the milk!!)
It looks they love the milk!! jejee.

Just wanted to share it for you
people! See you!


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Life and the Dessert

This weekend I have been meditating about the dessert. Life
is like a dessert for everyone, if you look out it seems empty and without any
life to come abroad. In this context, life is a big dessert in which I can walk
in during my lifetime, but if you try out to find life, you’ll find it. The
dessert teaches us that if you strongly believe in life though you walk in a
dessert, the dessert will give what you have expected.


Don’t give up just believe in yourself!


Monday, May 03, 2004

Without my Notebook! It's like handicap!

I have never felt handicap! My notebook's become part within me. When I came to Spain, my notebook became my loyal partner, the only one that surely understands me (not until he gets stuck!!!! but? I think everyone has a failure!!).
. I just don't get it if that it's stupidity or what? But this weekend I spent it without having my notebook close to me, this little gadget has everything related with my world, music, pictures, INTERNET and tools to get in touch with my dear ones .

But it's right good to feel that I share it with a friend that I know is gonna know me more because she has by now my notebook!! What a thing? God! The world's gone completely crazy!!. From now on, I'll start up thinking that I should change my dependency of that little shit!!!Da At least, she's gonna use it!!.
See you guys! And remember if there is no pain no gain!!


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sweet Dreams are made of this! Put them apart and disapper!

As every human being, dreams are part of life.
. Probably, they reflect what we feel every day and during the world story everyone has tried out to translate them to real life, that for surely they don't say future but present probably.

Close to that, today I had this sort of dreams that lead you to reflect about what you are living in somehow. Da I just experienced it and it feels so good to straight up your thoughts with your personal life.
It is an approach of what nature makes you feel different and the chance to have a better way to conduct your life Hope you would have this chance to remember because it is kind of difficult See you guys!


Saturday, May 01, 2004

During Gustavo's Day

I just don’t get it yet! But it looks like this day seems as I am in
Madrid. Probably because is the other thing in the whole universe that surely understands me as I do.

I just started up this blog as a professional project but personally I found out in some way to speak out clearly. During these days, I’ve heard about Da Vinci Code book, a book related to break an ancient code
related with Jesus’ real story, and Da Vinci’s art which encodes every part of the secret. As every single story in the world, I think that everyone keeps secrets and as Da Vinci’s art, our personal art gives out to every person a different message, a different side of one inside that
makes us as we are and that’s the most important thing we should keep in ourselves rather than being completely dried out.


Well, today I just was meditating what to
write and I did it. .jejeje.


See you guys!


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